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Fall 2022 Adult Open Teammate Registration

  • League: Adult Open
  • Season: Fall 2022 Season
  • Opens: July 24, 2022 at 1:00am EDT



  • We are now returning to one floor from last season. This means that scheduling will return to extended times during the season, which include 1040 and 1130 pm games during the week, along with later and earlier times on Sunday. In addition, both Thursday and Sunday will most likely have secondary days required to play the season. Read the details below carefully before you register your team.

Current Team Capacity: UPDATED 8/20/2022 at 3:11 PM  


  • 30 & Over Monday/Wednesday (9/9) SOLD OUT!
  • Tuesday Platinum: (8/8) SOLD OUT!
  • Thursday/Tuesday Aluminum/Copper: (8/8) SOLD OUT!
  • Thursday/Tuesday Bronze: (10/10) SOLD OUT! 
  • Thursday/Tuesday Silver/Gold: (4/4) SOLD OUT! 
  • Sunday/Saturday Tin: (6/6) SOLD OUT!
  • Sunday/Saturday Iron: (10/10) SOLD OUT! 
  • Sunday/Saturday Aluminum: (10/10)  SOLD OUT! 
  • Sunday/Saturday Copper: (8/8) SOLD OUT! 
  • Sunday/Saturday Bronze: (5/5) SOLD OUT!
  • Sunday/Saturday Silver/Gold: (6/6) SOLD OUT!


  • The Adult Open Team fee is $1650 per team and must be paid no later than the start of the first game. There is also a 3.4% credit/debit card fee required to register through Hockeyshift. There is no cash option or alternative payment method - this fee will apply to all teams in all divisions at FRHL.
  • We have an extremely high demand for league teams and registrations. Registrations are first come, first serve. We will not hold spots for any team, to include teams that have played the previous season. If you want to save your spot, you must put a deposit down.
  • For select divisions, a secondary day may be used during the season, to include playoffs. Every effort will be made to avoid this scenario, but your team may be required to play on other nights outside the primary day of play. This means that you do not only play on one day of the week. Multiple days may need to occur to complete the season. This includes playoffs. Be aware that especially on Thursday and Sunday, you will have secondary days, sometimes more than 2-3 games per season.
  • For Monday - Friday leagues, game times will have start times between 6:00 PM and 11:00 PM. (TEAMS THAT REQUEST NO GAMES AT 6:00 OR 11:00 PM WILL BE DENIED. We simply do not have the time available to avoid this.)
  • For all Saturday and Sunday Open Leagues, game times will have start times between 9:30 AM and 11:00 PM.

A special note about rescheduling games: As we are going into a season where we do NOT have two floors, we are currently looking at a very full slate of games on a daily basis. If you are a team that will call occasionally because you are missing 4 players and ask for a reschedule, you will most likely just be given a forfeit loss with no refund. Please make sure that you have reviewed the dates and times that are listed before you commit to playing!



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